Whataburger, Biscuit and Sausage Gravy

16 Jul

Some mornings, you just need a biscuit and gravy.  And some mornings, I stop at Whataburger and get one. I know that Whataburger serves a good biscuit — flaky and warm and pretty substantial.  And since it’s a Texas firm, I can count on Whataburger to make a gravy that is more than just wet cooked flour.


The first thing you will notice about your Whataburger biscuit and gravy order is it’s spill-proof packaging.  Yes, it’s a lot of packaging, and as a committed recycler, this bothers me on some level.  On the other hand, both biscuit and gravy travel quite well, and the carrying container works well as a plate.


So here it is, assembled.  Again, Whataburger makes a good biscuit.  When unwrapped, it is easy to pull into halves. And the gravy is studded with many little pieces of flavorful sausage.  The gravy itself tends to taste a bit bland, but a slight sprinkle of salt solves that.  Add an iced tea, and this is a hearty breakfast for a working Texan.

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