Timbo’s just off Broadway near downtown

22 Aug

I love Timbo’s for a lot of reasons. The food is good and the atmosphere is friendly. It’s a favorite meeting place for me and my friends — and their teenage daughters love it too!!

But it also reminds me of Little Hipp’s, which was a San Antonio institution and a long-time favorite. Timbo’s is the spiritual (and shypoke) successor to Little Hipp’s. I love a place where I can order Hipp puppies still!

Located on Broadway in front of the Pearl Brewery area, Timbo’s serves burgers, fries and tots, and shypoke eggs. Small wooden booths and a jukebox harken back to Little Hipp’s, as do the picnic tables and benches and the Texas memorabilia on the walls.

As much as I love the atmosphere, I love the food more. Of course, we start with shypoke eggs in the traditional version:
timbo shypoke

AND the fancier version, with ham and tomato:



timbo shypoke plus


We get the hots on the side, since some of us want just the cheese and chip or the cheese, chip, ham and tomato.  Served hot and crispy, shypoke eggs make a great starter, or can be a meal in themselves, especially when accompanied by an ice-cold cerveza.

The burgers are HUGE.   This is the bacon cheeseburger:

timbo burger

I can usually manage to eat about half of this.  On some occasions, I’ve made an extra effort and downed the whole thing.  The burgers are cooked medium well and are served hot and juicy.  The folks at Timbo’s are really great about adjusting toppings — adding more, serving veggies on the side, etc.

And then there are the Hipp Puppies.  I mean, then there are the tater tots.

timbo tots

Okay, so tater tots are not exactly health food, but I don’t care.  Quinoa never tasted this crunchy and awesome, and it never, ever will.  Ever. Not in a zillion years.  And you get to fill those little paper cups with catsup and dip your Hipp puppies. Happiness.  Just happiness.

Timbo’s menu also features The Jumbo Burger —  a one pounder; the Yellow Submarine, which is 2/3 pound of ground beef stuffed with jalapeno, cheese and onion;  and the Hot  Burger Steak, which is like the Yellow Submarine but served as a plate.  There are kids meals available, plus a small selection of beer and wine.

Timbo’s is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. It’s located at 1639 Broadway and parking is in the back.  You can get more info here: http://timbosburgers.com/70-2.


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One Response to “Timbo’s just off Broadway near downtown”

  1. Rosalinda Crosby August 22, 2014 at 10:25 am #

    Soooo looking forward to Sept. 17th!!! I’m already starving!

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