Dhakshin Indian Cuisine

31 Jul

When I visit Houston, I often stay with relatives in the Hwy 249 area, and during most of my visits, we end up at the lunch buffet at Dhakshin Indian Cuisine. Located in a strip mall adjacent to a Kroger’s, Dhakshin usually delivers a solid buffet — good enough to keep us going back.

This is South Indian cuisine, and the buffet choices are limited. There is a vegetarian area of the buffet, as well as a dessert area,  The tandoori chicken is moist and flavorful, and the chicken biryani is another winner.  The sag paneer has a lot of paneer in it — nice chunks of cheese there amongst the spinach.  I also like the version of chicken tikka masala served here; the sauce is more robust than many of the rather generic versions served in other Indian restaurants. Overall, someone not used to Indian food might find all of the offerings rather spicy (but that’s how I love it!).


Along with the buffet, each diner is served a dosa — a thin, crisp crepe with a potato-based filling.  This is my favorite part of the buffet, I like the crispness of the crepe in contrast with the creaminess of the vegetable filling.


The buffet has a choice of soups and appetizers as well.


I like the kir at Dhakshin. It’s served warm and has nuts added.

The inside of Dhakshin is rather plain, and the service is average. But the food is good and I like spiciness of most of the offerings.

Dhakshin is located at 19752 State Highway 249. For direction and hours, visit the website at http://www.dhakshin.com/Dhakshin_Frames_Regn.htm.

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