Facon Brazilian Steakhouse

30 Jul

This past Saturday evening, I was part of a party of five that dined at Facon Brazilian Steakhouse, located in Vintage Park next to Strata.

Although the restaurant is fairly new, the management and the well-trained staff do a lot right.  And the restaurant itself is nice enough inside for a date night or special event.

facon table

We arrived about a half hour before our 6:30 reservation time, and we were seated at about 6:20, with the hostess accommodating us as quickly as she could. It wasn’t that the place was packed, because dinner seating began at 6 p.m. Rather, the staggered seating allowed for maximum efficiency in the kitchen, and for a steady pacing of meat and seafood treats to emerge, hot and delicious, for diners to choose from.

There is a salad bar, of course. I heard it is very nice, and plates came back from it looking like this:

facon salad

But most of the evening, my plate looked pretty much like this:

facon plate

I saved my attention and my stomach for the meat that the gauchos were presenting to diners.

We were seated by the kitchen, and while normally I would have not accepted such seating, here it is almost a plus, because most of the gauchos came to our table first. My first choice was a gorgeous rosemary chicken leg — meaty, moist and flavorful.

Then the parade of beef started: flank steak, which was delicious and not dried out, as it all too often is; ribeye, cooked medium rare and oh, so tender; and the filet, which came around a generous number of times while we dined. Beef rib was sliced and served from a table-side cart, and a good chimichurri sauce was available to go with it. The best beef of the night was the picanha, the rump cut favored in Brazil.

Lamb chops were also offered and pronounced delicious by those at the table who tried them. Small grilled octopus were also served. as was grilled salmon and a really well-executed Chilean sea bass, which was firm and flaky and flavorful.

Overall, the offerings from the grill were diverse, all well-prepared, and happily served up by the staff. Our waiter was attentive in keeping glasses filled and sides of mashed potato and fried plantains replenished. He also dutifully requested various cuts of meat that we wanted to try. And try again. And try again. The management visited tables to make sure everyone was happy, as if unlimited meat itself didn’t do the trick.

The meal was topped off with excellent grilled pineapple slices, caramelized and with just enough cinnamon to add a little fire to the sweetness of the fruit. All in all, the food and the service here are top notch.

Desserts and a full bar are available, as are party rooms. There is also a VIP program for frequent diners. More info can be found at the Facon website: http://www.faconhouston.com/.

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