Mama Margie’s

14 Apr

A friend recommended that I try Mama Margie’s in Schertz. When I asked what was so good about the place, my friend said that she loves the bean and cheese tacos, and always adds bacon.

“The strip of bacon is….substantial,” she added.

Substantial bacon? I’m in.  My car almost drove itself to Mama Margie’s, and I wasn’t disappointed — for more reasons than the bacon.

Mama Margie’s was started by a woman who was a cook for the original Taco Cabana at Hildebrand and San Pedro. While in college, I spent a substantial number of nights at the original TC, eating tacos and watching the late night police chases down San Pedro.  Ah, the memories!

So when I first visited Mama Margie’s, I ordered three items: a bean, cheese and bacon taco; a carne guisada taco; and a guacamole chalupa.

All three were really good, but I have to give special attention to the carne guisada.  Even the most devoted TC fan would have to admit that the chain’s carne guisada isn’t what it used to be. Well, if you;re looking for that rich, tomato-infused sauce, Mama has it, and I am thrilled. The chunks of beef were tender and the serving plentiful, but the sauce was the winner. It’s as divine as it used to be back in the early 80’s.


The bean, cheese and bacon taco didn’t disappoint.


Yep, that’s a substantial piece of bacon, all right.  The beans are well-seasoned and the tortilla is big enough to hold a nice serving.

And the chalupas are good.  This photo is from a subsequent visit, when I order a guacamole chalupa and a chicken chalupa.


The guacamole chalupa has a thin layer of beans to support a very generous portion of fresh guacamole. On the other, the shredded chicken was flavorful and plentiful.

On another visit, I ordered the crispy taco plate.


The beef picadillo was good, the tacos were well-filled with meat, and the two tacos were accompanied by a LOT of beans and rice. Seriously, two people could have shared the portions on this plate. While it was good, it wasn’t strikingly good as the soft tacos or the chalupas.

Mama Margie’s is open 24 hours and always seems to have a crowd.  Customers order at the counter, and I have to give a special mention to the counter folks at the Schertz location. They are invariably energetic, they work as a team to take orders, and they always seem HAPPY to see you when you walk in!

I also have to give props to the drive-thru crews.  The service there has been efficient — and more.On one occasion, when I was placing an order for tacos for several people, I asked for pico, salsa and chopped onion. The young man went and got three condiment containers of onion, showed them to me, and asked if they were enough. I said yes and thanked him, and he replied, “No, thank YOU for coming to Mama Margie’s! We want you to be happy with your food!”  Whoever is training the crew at the Schertz location is doing a great job.

There are a lot of things to like about Mama Margie’s. The prices are reasonable, and counter service means no tipping.  The food comes out quickly. Several brands of beer are also available, as are frozen margaritas, Jack and coke, and pina coladas.


The seating area is large.  There are tabled and booths, and the booths have high walls for a bit of privacy.


There is a pretty good salsa bar.


There is also a place to refill your tea and water, and you can get chips and salsa for your table — as much as you want — gratis with your purchase.



Mama Margie’s has three locations besides the one in Schertz.  You can get more info, see the menu, and join the e-club at


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2 Responses to “Mama Margie’s”

  1. Rosie Crosby April 15, 2014 at 8:52 am #

    Now I want Mama Margie’s! When are we going? I remember their tacos are huge! And their salsa is awesome!! Can’t wait to go back!

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