Guillermo’s — Downtown San Antonio

10 Feb

In an old house on the corner of McCullough and St. Mary’s, you’ll find terrific Italian food at Guillermo’s, one of the best places in San Antonio for a fairly fast, really good lunch.

I met a friend there for lunch on a recent Friday, just after 1 pm. There is ample parking in a lot behind the restaurant, so no time is wasted hunting for a place to leave your car.

Enter from the front door or walk up the ramp from the back parking lot, which leads into the rear dining area. Head to the ordering area near the front door and peruse the menu while checking out the desserts in the glass case – the red velvet cake is my favorite.

Then make your tea or soft drink at the nearby drink bar and find a table. Guillermo’s reminds me of a number of little Italian places in Boston; the tables are placed closely together and you sit pretty close to your neighbors. Since the food is so good, this means you’re near other happy eaters.

One of the many good things about eating at Guillermo’s is the salad that accompanies most of the entrees.
The spinach bowtie pasta salad has the titular pasta and greens, and also toppings of tomato, pineapple, almond, black olives, dried cranberries, purple onion and sliced sweet peppers. The light but robust dressing pulls the salad together. This salad may be the best meal starter of its type in town.

gui salad

On this visit I had the shrimp Alfredo, which cost $12.99.  The pasta was perfectly cooked and the Alfredo sauce was rich and creamy. The grilled jumbo shrimp were juicy and tender. Served with fresh focaccia bread points, this dish is a winner.

guil shrimp alf

My friend ordered the $10.99 shrimp insalata, which she described as rich and creamy. Her dish was served with Guillermo’s onion and olive bread, which she loved.

guill ensalata

In addition, I ordered a ham and pepperoni sandwich, again on that wonderful fresh focaccia, for a friend. At $9.99, it was a good value. It smelled so good that I had a hard time releasing the to-go box to him, and it tasted so good that he ate it before I could click a picture.

If you haven’t visited Guillermo’s, you should. It’s located at 618 McCullough. You’ll leave happy!

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One Response to “Guillermo’s — Downtown San Antonio”

  1. Mozelle B February 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

    Absolutely delicious! Will be going back real soon.

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