Freiheit General Store in New Braunfels

25 Aug

When tourists visit New Braunfels and look for an “authentic” Texas dining experience, too often they end up at mediocre restaurants that advertise heavily in travel publications.
What they really want is Freiheit General Store. Located in an 1889 building that was really once a general store — the old shelving is still in evidence on some of the walls — Freiheit offers up Texas staples such as chicken fried steak, burgers, and chili — beans can be ordered on the side — plus wienerschnitzel, enchiladas, daily specials, and much more.
frei out

Freiheit is located just east of I35 at 2157 FM 1101 in  New Braunfels, near the intersection of  HWY 306 and FM1101 behind Bucee’s Travel Center. The original store opened in 1889, and much of the old shelving and fixtures are still in place.

frei int 1 frei int2

There is a bar area in a side room, but most of the restaurant seating is in a large, open room. The lighting is a bit dim in places, but  the atmosphere is homey and welcoming.  It’s obvious that many of the customers are regulars who live nearby.

The food is terrific!  Just as you might expect, the fried mushrooms were wonderful.

frei mush frei mush close

Served piping hot with  a choice of gravy or ranch dressing, the mushrooms were covered in a light, slightly salted breading and were fresh and moist inside.

And just as every good Texas restaurant needs a good chicken fried steak, Freiheit has one.

frei cfs

Lightly breaded, pounded-thin beefsteak was coated in a well-seasoned crust and served crisp and hot.  The fries were also hot and crisp, and the usual Texas toast and cream gravy completed the plate. The portions were generous — almost to the point of being too large to finish. Almost.

The menu featured a plate called the Cody Reimer Special.

frei spec

The special consists of over ½ lb. fresh ground hamburger meat smothered in grilled onions, jalapenos and mushrooms, then covered with brown gravy and melted cheese. Served with French fries and Texas Toast,  this was another huge meal that was a winner.  I have to admit to a love of hamburger steaks, and this offering is a great one. The meat was cooked through but still very juicy, and the combination of toppings worked. Again, this was almost too much to eat. Almost.

The food at the Freiheit is definitely worth the drive. Add a cold beer — or two — and have a great time! There are also daily specials, including turkey and dressing in Thursdays (it goes fast!).

More information is available at

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