Siam Cuisine — Great Thai Food in Schertz

20 Aug

Attention to detail and really great food — these are the hallmarks of Siam Cuisine in Schertz.  Located in a small strip mall just north of the Walmart at FM 3009 and IH 35, this family owned restaurant serves up dishes from all the areas of Thailand.

Siam Cuisine

Just reading through the menu can teach a diner about Thai cuisine.  There is a choice of three set menus that serve 2 for $35.95; diners can choose from tours of northern, central or southern Thai dining.  This is interesting to read through, and more interesting to eat from, as these set menus give you an idea of regional flavors as well as an idea of what a traditional Thai meal is like.

This last time we were ordering a la carte.  The menu is extensive, offering a large variety of noodle dishes, stir fries, rice dishes, soups, salads and more.  As usual, we started with the spring rolls or po pia tod.

Po Pia Tod

The golden brown, crisp fried wrappers held a flavorful mix of mushroom, vegetables and glass noodles.  Served with a homemade sweet and sour sauce (so homemade that our bowl contained a plum pit — but no worries because it showed the sauce was fresh and homemade!), the rolls were really good.

We also ordered the gai satay, or grilled curry-marinated chicken strips. This turned out to be a quite substantial appetizer.

Gai Satay

The grilled chicken held a very light curry flavor, and the excellent thick peanut sauce went well with it.  Toast points and a very good chunky cucumber vinegar salad accompanied;  all of these elements worked well together — so well that I wished this came in a meal-size offering. The peanut sauce here gets special mention due to its richness and thickness.

I love pork larb, and so I ordered it as my entree.

Pork larb

Minced pork was mixed with onion, coriander, kaffir lime leaves and chilies ; there was also a slight taste of fish sauce.  I ordered mine with medium heat, as the pork mixture is served with slices of cucumber and pieces of iceberg lettuce that help cool down the spiciness.  I ordered a small bowl of rice to accompany the larb. Just as with the gai satay, the varying elements of the dish worked well together to maximize the flavors of the various ingredients. The variety of textures was also nice. This dish, like the appetizers, showed real attention to the details and the balance of this dish.

The Thai fried rice entree, or Siam Kho Pad,  was also excellent.

Khao Pad

Generous slices of roasted pork were stir-fried with rice, tomato, onions, and green onions. Served with cucumber slices and a lime slice for squeezing, this entree was fresh and really good.

After a meal of good Thai dishes, dessert must follow, especially if homemade coconut ice cream is on the menu.

Coconut ice cream

We opted to skip the usual accompanying sticky rice and stick with just ground peanut. The coconut ice was rich, creamy and cold and the flavor was amazing.
We also ordered the fried bananas.

Fried bananas

A banana was cut into bite-size pieces and flash-fried in a very light tempura-style coating. A small dish of honey accompanied the piping hot banana pieces.

Now, how to eat dessert: Place a fried banana on your plate.  Top with a small spoonful of honey. Top that with a small spoonful of coconut ice cream.  Eat and really, really, REALLY enjoy.

The service during our visit was absolutely excellent. The waitstaff worked as a team, and our tea and water glasses were kept full at all times. Also, pretty much everyone in the front of the house came by at least once to ask us if we needed anything and to make sure we were enjoying our meals.  They also offered to answer any questions we had about the dishes. The attentive staff was one of the many ways in which this small place pays attention to detail.

I will be back to Siam Cuisine, and soon.  Oh — and if you go with me, remember that while I am willing to share the fried bananas and coconut ice cream with you, when the bananas are gone, the remaining ice cream is MINE.

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