Williams Confectionary Crafts — Live Oak–Breakfast and Lunch Specials

17 Aug

The name sounds like a bakery, and indeed baked goods are part of the charm of Williams Confectionary Crafts on Toepperwein Road, not far from NE Methodist Hospital.  But the wide variety of cakes and bar cookies and cupcakes, etc. is only part of the charm of this small, family owned eatery.  Open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and early dinner, and on Saturday for breakfast and lunch, this little places seats maybe 35 folks.  But those who occupy those seats will be eating some of the best breakfasts and daily specials around, and they will feel like they’ve been treated like family.

Williams Confectionary Crafts

The food here is made-to-order, so while the service is attentive, your dining experience will be leisurely. Breakfast is served all day long. My favorite is the special omelette.

Special omelette

Fresh egg is folded over cheese, ham, bacon, and sausage mixed with fresh mushroom, tomato, onions, green pepper and fresh spinach leaves. Served with toast, this omelette is just really good eating. It makes for a delicious breakfast or brunch.  There are a number of omelette choices, plus waffles, eggs and bacon, and much more.  No matter what time of the day I visit Williams, breakfast seems to be the main attraction.

Each day also features a choice of daily specials. Monday is smothered chicken or beef tips.  My dining companion loves good beef tips and says that Williams has the best he has ever eaten.

Beef tips over white rice

A generous serving of tender beef tips in a flavorful beef gravy is served over plain white rice and is accompanied by a wheat roll. The special is served with a choice of sides, in this case green beans and corn (the other option was a mac and cheese, which we have had before and which is really good).

Some cupcakes traveled home with us.  The carrot cake cupcake was so fresh that we had to wait for it to be iced.

Carrot cake cupcake

This cupcake was very moist and the cream cheese frosting was really good. The red velvet cupcakes had a good flavor but the texture was a bit dry.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Williams Confectionary Crafts is a terrific family owned restaurant with a friendly atmosphere.  I think almost everyone who works there is a member of the family.  So go have breakfast or lunch there some day — and don’t forget the bakery cases on the way out.

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