Nosh — Alamo Heights

1 Aug

I have been a fan of Silo’s for quite a while, and it has been easy for me to bypass Nosh and go upstairs for lunch or dinner.  But this past Saturday, finally, I gave Nosh a try, and I really liked the food, the service and the laid-back ambience.

My friend and I chose to sit in the front room across from the bar.  The restaurant was pleasant but not stolid or stuffy, and the staff was welcoming and pleasant. Nosh feels more like a relaxed local hangout than a restaurant serving a strong, varied menu.

But that is what is happening at Nosh.  The menu runs the gamut from takes on Texas favorites, like the jalapeno poppers we tried, through Asian-Mexican fusion dishes like Korean-inspired tacos, through twists on All-American classics such a shrimp corn dogs and crab sliders. One visit simply wasn’t enough to try everything that looked good on  the menu.

For appetizers, we started with the buttermilk battered  jalapeno poppers.

Buttermilk battered jalapeno poppers

These came in an order of our, but the four were quite large — two or three bites each — accompanied by a good ranch dressing.

A jalapeno popper

The buttermilk batter was crisp and substantial enough to keep the cheese and jalapeno bits inside moist and hot.  These poppers had a bite, and the dressing worked well to cool them down. These poppers were really, really good and an order was only $5.

We also tried the Nosh version of bruschetta for $9.  While I don’t think that it was a real bruschetta, it was good.


Crisp slices of toast covered with melted Swiss cheese came on the side of a sizzling platter of mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and garlic.  We scooped up the sizzling veggies, piled them on the toast, and really enjoyed them.

For an entrees, I chose the Korean beef BBQ tacos with sesame  ginger slaw. This was a generous plate at 3 tacos for $8.

Korean beef BBQ tacos

The slightly sweet beef and the tangy ginger slaw were incredibly good together, and the light homemade tortillas were another plus.  I would order this again in a heartbeat; actually, it will be difficult for me to choose anything other than this again.

My friend ordered the Shiner Bock battered mahi mahi tacos.

Shiner Bock battered mahi mahi tacos

Each fresh corn tortilla held a generous portion of fish in a flavorful beer batter, and the avocado and cilantro were good complements to the fish. Overall, this dish was also a winner at $9.

For dessert came the freshly fried doughnut holes accompanied by dark  and white chocolate truffle dipping sauces.

Housemade Italian doughnut holes with dark and white chocolate truffle dipping sauces

Rolled in sugar and cinnamon, the hot doughnut holes alone would have been wonderful; dipped into one or both of the liquid chocolates, they were decadent. For $6 this is an excellent dessert, and one easy to share with a friend.

Nosh offers a wide variety of inventive drink and a good selection of American and foreign beers.  The food is excellent, as is the service, and the prices are more than reasonable.  I love the combination of elements of differing cuisines to make inventive, delicious dishes. I will be back, and soon!!

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