Broadway Daily Bread — Muffins, Kolaches and Scones

30 Jul

Broadway Daily Bread in Alamo Heights is known for its wide variety of fresh-from-the-oven loaves and its generous offerings of samples on the cutting board.  I like to sample the breakfast offerings — meat and cheese kolaches,  fruit kolaches, scones, and muffins.   This past weekend I had a business meeting with a friend and decided that an assortment of baked goodies would help get the meeting off to a good start.

From bottom left going clockwise: Orange muffin, cinnamon cream cheese pecan muffin, cranberry orange walnut muffin, orange cranberry scone, raspberry and cream cheese kolache

The best item in the bakery box was the raspberry and cream cheese kolache.  The tartness of the raspberry was a perfect accompaniment to the richness of the cream cheese, and the fresh bread base was slightly chewy and held up well to the cream cheese — not soggy at all.

The orange cranberry scone was also very good.  I always like the interplay of the tartness of cranberry and the tanginess of citrus. The scone was flaky and of the proper consistency — not just a popover roll. The scones at Broadway Daily Bread have not failed me yet.

The muffins were good; maybe it was the selection I made, but I did not find them as strong an offering as the scone or fruit kolache.  The best was the cranberry orange walnut muffin; the dark rich muffin was threaded with bits of orange zest and studded with tart cranberries and generous chunks of nut.  The cream cheese pecan muffin had a slightly odd texture that made it seem day-old; the flavor was good but the muffin was dryish and too chewy.  The orange muffin was bland; the icing helped spice it up but didn’t cover the entire muffin top. The muffins are quite large and can easily be shared.

The sausage and cheese kolaches were good.

Sausage and cheese kolaches

The breading on these was extremely good and fresh, resulting in a tasty, yeasty roll that was actually better than its stuffing.  The sausage and cheese were good, and jalapeno enlivened one of the two.  I wish there was a straight cheese and jalapeno option.

The selection of muffins, scones and kolaches varies daily.  Many of the pairings are imaginative, and yet there are always some standby favorites. The freshness and variety of offerings will keep Broadway Daily Bread on my list for a long time to come.

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