Harmon’s BBQ in Cibolo — Great Ribs, Brisket and More

25 Jul

I love Harmon’s BBQ. I have been eating their barbecue pretty much since their opening day.  Since the fire just before last Thanksgiving made them close their main dining room, they are serving out of a smallish room and counter at the north end of the building, so mainly I get take-out.   All of the meats at Harmon’s are excellent — smoked slowly in the pit out back.

Harmon’s brisket plate to go

The brisket is my favorite.  Generous slices of juicy, smoky brisket are so tender that no knife is required to cut them.  I also love the smoky barbecue sauce that comes on the side.  The creamed corn is good, although the cream is often more like a cream gravy, and the green beans have the requisite bacon cooked in.  The brisket is definitely the best I have had anywhere, across Texas.

The sausage plate from Harmon’s

The sausage is also very good; the skin is crisp and the sausage inside is juicy and flavorful.  The accompanying cole slaw is good. But at Harmon’s, it’s not about the sides.  The meat is the star.

I also love the ribs, the chicken….well, you get the idea. And I am not alone. Harmon’s has appeared in the Texas Monthly BBQ issue and has won several popular and critics’ choice awards.

I saw last week that work was being done on the fire-damaged main dining room.  I hope it’s done soon! I love eating there, and the small dining room is very hot and usually crowded.You can find their hours at their website: http://www.harmonsbbq.com.

Harmon's BBQ on Urbanspoon


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