Clash of the Home-made Chips: Flaco’s vs. Youz Guyz

25 Jul

Too often, I go into a good Mexican restaurant and am greeted by good salsa and bagged tortilla chips; it’s depressing.  And just as often, I go into a good sandwich or burger place and am invited to choose a little bag of mass-manufactured chips to go with my sandwich; ummm, no…..that’s okay.

So I have been happy to find a couple of places close to me that make that make their own chips. Both are very good.  But is one better than the other, a friend asked me? I was happy to do the research.

At Flaco’s Burgers & Tacos in Live Oak, an order of guacamole comes with tortilla chips fresh from the fryer.

Home-made tortilla chips and guacamole at Flaco’s

The first time I ordered this, I was pleased to find that in addition to an extremely fresh and flavorful guacamole studded with small pieces of tomato, I received a basket of fresh, hot corn tortilla chips.  The waitress said that they had just come out of the fryer, and I believed her. The chips were hot and fresh and worked beautifully with the guacamole. They were not greasy or oversalted, just good. The next time I stopped in, I was pleased to get good, fresh chips again.  You don’t  realize how blah the commercial chips are until you’ve tried these.  The portion was actually a bit more than depicted above, because I grabbed a couple right away, before I remembered to take a photo. The guacamole and chips cost $1.50.

Now, south down Pat Booker Road towards the Randolph AFB main gate is Youz Guyz. If they weren’t known for their cheesesteaks, their homemade chips might be their claim to fame.

Home-made potato chips at Youz Guyz

Thinly sliced, but more substantial than the usual commercial potato chip, these are fried to crispy perfection and very lightly salted.  The chips are not greasy and are oh, so flavorful!  The portion as shown above is very generous at $1.00.

So — is one chip better than the other?  I am tempted to go with the old “apples & oranges” reply.  Each is a winner in its own right — fresh, flavorful, and inexpensive. Flaco’s might win by a nose because the chips there come with such good guacamole.

Guess I will just keep doing more research.  :o)



Flaco's Burgers & Tacos on Urbanspoon

Youz Guyz on Urbanspoon


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