Flaco’s Burgers and Tacos — Live Oak — FLAMING!

24 Jul

Flaco’s is a family-owned place located in an unpretentious strip mall just off Pat Booker Road and not too far from The Forum Shopping area. The inside of Flaco’s is, to be blunt, pretty bare and plain.  But while the place itself is not fancy, the food here is really good, and the folks who make and serve it want you to be happy.

You order at the counter at Flaco’s, and there is a menu board you can read.  But one of the strengths of Flaco’s is the off-menu choices, such as the Flaming Flaco. Another is the willingness to combine, add and subtract ingredients until you create exactly the burger or taco you want.  Not many places, large or small, are this willing to accommodate.

On the latest trip, it was all about burgers (although I have had really good tacos there before).  My companion order the bacon cheeseburger combo with fries.

Bacon cheeseburger combo

The three strips of bacon that came on the burger were thick and crisp.  The burger itself was juicy and the accompanying veggies were fresh.  The bun had been heated on the grill and that is always a plus.  The fries were handcut and hot — a little over browned, but really good.

For me — it’s the Flaming Flaco: a hamburger with diced jalapenos added into the meat, with cheese inside.

The Flaming Flaco

I like my Flaming Flaco smokin’ hot, and the chef always obliges, adding in about twice the usual amount of jalapenos.  If you try the Flaming Flaco and find it still too tame, just add some of the green hot sauce or ask for some extra sliced jalapenos, and next time ask the chef to ramp up the heat.

I really like Flaco’s. It is family owned and family friendly, and there are a lot of regulars here.  A burger combo runs about $6 and there is public WiFi.

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