Chacho’s and Chalucci’s on Perrin Beitel — Breakfast Tacos

24 Jul

This morning I decided to take advantage of the unusually light traffic and lack of minor accidents on IH 35 S and detoured to Perrin Beitel just north of Loop 410 to visit Chacho’s for breakfast tacos.  Chacho’s is known for its fast service and large portions.  While I have visited Chaco’s many times in the evenings or late nights, I had never tried their breakfast tacos until today. And to be honest, for me Chacho’s is a drive-thru only restaurant, because of the sometimes iffy-looking crowds that are there many nights.

The first thing I noticed when looking at the drive-thru order board is that there are a good many types of breakfast tacos available — beyond the usual potato and egg, chorizo and egg, bean and cheese offerings.  Those are there as well, but I opted for a chilaquile and egg taco at 1.69 and a Mexicana taco at 1.29.

Mexicana taco

The Mexicana taco was really good. The eggs were fresh and moist without being runny, and the bits of tomato, onion and green pepper added just the right amount of flavor to the eggs.  With the addition of some of Chacho’s very fresh tomato-based hot sauce (more tomato than hot), this was a good taco.

Chilaquile and egg taco

In the chilaquile and egg taco, the same fresh eggs were topped with soft, warm chilaquiles. Yum!  This was a very substantial taco, and it could have been a meal in itself.

Add a medium tea and the result is a very fresh, substantial breakfast for about $5. I can’t wait for the next morning that the traffic is light, so I can visit Chacho’s again.

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