Big Papa’s in Schertz

23 Jul

Last night a friend of mine stopped by with a pizza from Big Papa’s, because we both live fairly near it in Schertz, she likes to get pizzas there to share with her young nephews, and she  thought I should try it because I never had.

Big Papa’s is located on Schertz Parkway near the Schertz City Hall. She said it’s very popular with families and does a lot of take-out orders.

The pizza we tried was a 14 inch special pizza, which is a combination of the meat special and a veggie special pizza; because I don’t like olives, my friend asked them to leave both the green and black olives off.

It was a good pizza, but the crust tasted like it might have been pre-made and frozen. It was a thin crust,  but it wasn’t baked quite long enough to be really crispy.


The tomato sauce didn’t have as much flavor as I would have like. There was a lot of cheese, and the toppings were adequate but not generous. The mushrooms were fresh, which is good because I despise places that used canned mushrooms;  there was also onion and green pepper on the pizza. As far as meat went, there was pepperoni, small pieces of ham, some really good Italian sausage, and some small shards of bacon.

A slice of the Big Papa’s special

The pizza cost just over $17 including tax. It was about what you would pay at Pizza Hut, but much better than a Pizza Hut pizza.

In the end, it was a good pizza, not  a great pizza. I can see why the pizza here would be popular with families with  children, as the thin crust, almost neutral sauce, and lot of cheese would be palatable for youngsters.   I will probably try Big Papa’s again, probably on a Sunday when Catalano’s is closed. Maybe next time I will try one of the calzones on offer.


Big Papa's on Urbanspoon


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