Can Bill Miller BarBQ make a good Chicken Fried Steak?

22 Jul

A few weeks back,I decided to stop at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q for some take out on the way home. In perusing the drive-through menu I saw that something new had been added: a chicken fried steak combo for $6.79.

Now I know over the years several restaurant chains of tried to do take-out or drive-through chicken fried steak offerings, and none have been successful. But since Bill Miller Bar-B-Q sells fried chicken as well as barbecue dishes, I decided to go ahead and give the steak a try.

So I ordered the chicken fried steak combo and for my two sides I chose the hash browns and the green beans. I also asked that the accompanying cream gravy be served on the side. The combo also comes with a drink so I ordered my usual unsweet tea.

When I got home I opened my bag and found that in this case some assembly was going to be required before I could eat dinner.

Bil Miller Chicken Fried Steak before gravy

Because I asked for the gravy to be served on the side I was able to pour it over the steak and, yes,over the hash browns as well. Bring from the South, I am a “wet fries” proponent.

Th Bill Miller Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

The chicken fried steak was actually pretty good. The steak itself was about a half-inch thick most of the way through. The breading was light and well seasoned, and the steak had been quickly fried so that the coating was crisp and brown. As is usual with Bill Miller offerings the portion was quite generous.

As for the sides,the Bill Miller hash browns worked really well with the chicken fried steak. I also like the green beans served there. The green beans are cooked with added bits of tomato onion and bacon and are in a light tomato-accented sauce. Also included with the combo was the usual white dinner roll.

I’ve now had the chicken fried steak combo from Bill Miller’s three separate times. Each time the steak was cooked properly, seasoned well, and was of generous proportion. The only complaint I’ve had about it is that on one occasion when I ordered chicken fried steak at a Bill Miller’s that also offered fried cod on its menu, there was a slightly fishy aftertaste that made me wonder if maybe they were frying steaks in the same oil that they used in frying fish;and this, of course, should never be done.

The Bill Miller chicken fried steak isn’t going to replace G&G’s or the TipTop Cafe’s as my favorite, not by any means; but as a quick takeout option it is really pretty good. Just be prepared, if you order it through the drive-through, to sit and wait about 3 to 4 minutes because they cook the steaks to order.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon


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