The Bistro — Universal City — Hot Dogs and More!!

13 Jul

Looking for a great hotdog in the Randolph AFB area?  You can find some great dogs at good prices at The Bistro.

Located at 900 Pat Booker Road (where the now-closed Mary Jane’s Cafe was open for several years), the Bistro focuses on good hot dogs in a number of styles — Chicago, New York, chili dog, and good old regular ones — plus Polish sausages.  Also on offer are a selection of deli sandwiches, such as a  Reuben, and gyros and cheesesteaks.

Inside the Bistro

The space inside is large and airy, and furnished rather severely with black booths, tables and chairs.  But it is very clean and the staff is exceedingly friendly and helpful.

I tried the hotdog special, billed as two Chicago-style hotdogs with chips or fries and a soft drink.  I was allowed to modify the special to include one Chicago-style and one New York-style.

A Chicago-style hotdog and a New York style hotdog with fries

The lightly-seeded buns were steamed and very fresh and warm.  The Chicago style hotdog was replete with florescent green relish, onion, a slice of tomato, a pickle spear, mustard and sport peppers.  The peppers packed a punch!  Overall, this hotdog was terrific and really seemed like a real Chicago dog.  The New York style came with grilled onions,  sauerkraut, and mustard and was absolutely excellent!  The fries were crisp and hot.  Overall, a terrific deal for $5.25.

My friend had the Polish sausage dog with the green relish, mustard and a pickle spear.  It was juicy and had a good strong flavor.  Served with fries, it was a great deal at $4.25.

The Polish sausage with fries

All of the hotdogs served here are Vienna Beef hotdogs and the quality seems very good.

The Bistro opened in March 2012 and is still making adjustments. It is now open for breakfast and lunch.  Also, there were three posted lunch specials including a hamburger steak plate and a low-cal lunch plate.

Overall, I really liked the Bistro.  It wasn’t fancy, just good.  And I love a great hotdog, so I will be back!!!

The Bistro on Urbanspoon



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