Youz Guys Cheese Steaks

9 Jul

A few years back, I had never heard of a cheese steak sandwich.  Now, after trying Youz Guyz, I can’t imagine how I survived.  Yes — the cheese steaks are THAT good.

I first noticed Youz Guys when the Phillies were doing well — perhaps it was 2008, when the team won the World Series.  I am a baseball fan and I couldn’t miss all of the Phillies signs, etc. outside of the restaurant, which is located on Pat Booker Road in Universal City, just a couple of blocks outside the Randolph AFB main gate.  Then the husband of a friend of mine recommended the place; he is a Philadelphia native — and yes, he kind of sounds like Rocky Balboa — and he  told me that he couldn’t believe that I considered my life complete having never sampled a cheese steak, even during the three times I have actually been to Philadelphia.

So one day I decided to try the place, and I have to admit that not only are the cheese steaks great, but also the folks who run the place are terrific and willing to answer any questions you have, or make recommendations.

My favorite, pictured above in a to-go order, is the cheese steak with provolone and grilled onions.  The lady at the counter told me that the rolls are ordered special from Amoroso’s in Philly, so the rolls are authentic.  The bread has a nice texture and is a bit chewy, and it doesn’t get mushy when filled with the meat and cheese. The meat is really good; thin slices of beef steak are quickly grilled and served very, very fresh, along with your choice of provolone cheese, American cheese, or Cheezwiz, which I haven’t tried yet, but which I have been told is the choice of true connoisseurs (like my friend’s husband). You can also add grilled or raw chopped onions. The 10-inch sandwich is very substantial and can easily be shared by two eaters, and it’s a bargain at $6.95.  An 8-inch version runs a dollar less.  As a side, I usually like onion rings, but the homemade potato chips are also good — substantial, crispy and very flavorful.

Last month, I took a friend to Youz Guyz, and while she liked the sandwich, she thought that the beef tasted very plain.  I think that a lot of folks who live down here are so used to smoked chopped beef or barbecue that they expect beef in a sandwich to have a smoky flavor. The beef in these sandwiches are plain, lightly seasoned beef, and the meat is very good quality. Cooking the thinly sliced beef so that it retains its moistness and flavor is a real skill, and the folks at Youz Guyz have mastered it.

For afters, try one of the authentic Italian water ices — several flavors available each day.  An Italian water ice is somewhere between a raspa and a sherbet — lighter than ice cream and very welcome in our summer heat.  There are also TastyKake products available — kind of like Hostess baked goodies, but from Philadelphia.

You can eat inside, in a happy neighborhood-hangout kind of atmosphere, or sit out front and watch the Pat Booker traffic go by, or order and take it home.   Location and menu are available on the Youz Guyz website at

Youz Guyz on Urbanspoon


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