Can Whataburger Make a Good Cinnamon Roll?

9 Jul

Real Texans eat Whataburger — that goes without saying.  And occasionally this Texan rolls through a Whataburger drive-thru in the morning to grab a taquito and a tea. One recent day, just after dawn, I completed yelling my order into a speaker and I was asked if I wanted any cinnamon rolls to complete my order.

Cinnamon rolls?  I knew it was early; had I accidentally turned into some bakery’s drive-thru lane?  Do bakeries even HAVE drive-thru lanes?

So after a quick glance around me to make sure I was at a Whataburger — and after all, SOMEONE had taken an order for a taquito — I said, “Sure!  I’ll try one.”  There is, after all, something wonderful about cinnamon and frosting and sweet bread, and I was wondering just how big a Whataburger roll would be, since the chain is known for its healthy portions.

Well, no small, scrawny rolls for Whataburger!  This roll is  generously sized to just fit a standard small takeout box:

Whataburger’s version of a cinnamon roll

When I opened the lid, the aroma was divine — the scent of freshly baked goods.  And the roll itself is surprisingly light; there is a nice bit of cinnamon in the roll, but not sugary cinnamon.  The glaze on top seems to be most of the sweetness.  As you can see from the photo, the roll is rather large and can be easily shared with a friend.

According to the Whataburger nutritional info, the roll has 390 calories.  For $1.69, a Whataburger cinnamon roll is a great deal!!

Whataburger on Urbanspoon


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