G G’s Corner Cafe in Marion, Texas

6 Jul

After many years of happily eating out in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, I’ve come to realize that I really want to write my own dining out blog; there are only so many times you can take pictures of your meals in restaurants — and then not post them anywhere – before you realize it’s slightly creepy to keep doing so.  So, here goes!!!

My first memory of dining out was eating at the now-closed Goerke’s Country Tavern, out on Weil Road in Marion.   Lucille and Werner Goerke had progressed from a little country stop-and-shop that served chili and burgers to a small dining room with maybe a dozen tables.  I loved the wonderful fried chicken served with fries and a salad, followed by a slice of homemade coconut cream pie.  I was hooked!   We were basically an eat-at-home family, and going to Goerke’s was a real treat.  I enjoyed many wonderful meals there over the years, and watched the restaurant pass from the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Goerke into those of their children.  A few years ago, the second generation of Goerkes decided to sell the place, and now it’s closed.

Fortunately, the Goerkes apparently missed the restaurant business and opened G G’s Corner Cafe a couple of years back.  The menu features some of the old favorites from Goerke’s, but the two main things that G G’s has in common with its predecessor is a genuine interest in serving good food and a commitment to good service.

My favorite plate at G G’s is the chicken fried steak, which comes with a choice of two sides for $8.99.  I usually choose mashed potatoes and the veggie of the day, in this case green beans.

Chicken Fried Steak dinner at G G’s Corner Cafe in Marion, TX

The chicken fried steak features a crisp, nicely seasoned crust over a substantial piece of tender steak; the breading and steak hold together well.  The cream gravy is good and flavorful.  At many restaurants, the chicken fried steak is a small piece of steak covered with a lot of unnecessary breading; that is not the case here.  Nor does the steak fall apart during the cooking.  Nor is the cream gravy just bland cooked flour. These folks know how to make a proper chicken fried steak!!  The accompanying from-scratch mashed potatoes are terrific, and the green beans are cooked with bits of bacon, tomato and onions. Ask your server for bread and you’ll get a basket with a couple of slices of homemade bread to accompany your meal, and also be sure to save room for a slice of homemade pie.  There isn’t a picture of either  the bread or the pie, because they didn’t last long enough for me to remember to take photos!

You can look at the menu for GG’s Corner Cafe at their website: http://www.ggscornercafe.com/.  Be sure to click the link to see Susan’s homemade desserts!  GG’s is also on Facebook.

GG’s is open Tuesday for lunch and Wednesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.  Check out the lunch specials and evening specials on their website!!

GG's Corner Cafe on Urbanspoon


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